I miss my daughter – Prophet Mary Bushiri


…Israella was spectacular and life-giving

Prophet Mary Bushiri says she misses her late daughter, Israella Bushiri, “every day of my life”. Mrs Bushiri says she keenly remembers Israella’s spectacular and life-giving moment despite having been her mother very briefly.

Israella Bushiri died on 29 March in 2021 at the age of 8.

The cause of her death was never revealed by the family. However, a letter from the ministry of the Malawi Homeland Security then which cleared the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to leave the country revealed that Israella required bone marrow transplant (BMT) in Kenya.

A bone marrow transplant is one of the key medical treatment for Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), a form of cancer. According to Johns Hopkins, as a treatment, BMT replaces the patient’s bone marrow with healthy cells.

Writing to commemorate her life after 2 years, Mary Bushiri said “there aren’t enough words, or I don’t know how to find [words] at least”.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s wife describe Israella as “spectacular” and “life-giving” who made saying so hard.


“How can I describe my daughter Israella? The truth is, there aren’t enough words, or I don’t know how to find them at least! Israella was spectacular, her light was brighter than any I’ve ever known. She was life-giving and fun. She restored our joy” wrote Prophet Mary Bushiri on her official Facebook page. ]

Mrs Bushiri said she misses her daughter every day. She however said will remember her more in her glory and uniqueness despite having been Israella’s mother very briefly

“I will miss my baby girl every day of my life. But I will remember her positively, in all her glory and uniqueness, in all her awesomeness. In all her beauty. In all her strength. And I am grateful, utterly grateful, to have been with her and parent her with my husband though briefly.”

“How extremely blessed I am to have had someone in my life that made saying goodbye so hard. Till we see you again my darling princess and Saint. We love you Ella”

Prophets Shepherd and Mary Bushiris are founders of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) The Jesus Nation church currently with its headquarters in Malawi.

The church claims to have one of the biggest following in Africa and around the world.

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