Free dog vaccination and castration underway in Mzuzu


As one way of promoting responsible dog ownership and controlling dog population in Malawi, the Center For Community Empowerment Initiative is conducting Free Dog Vaccination and Castration Week in Mzuzu.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday when the exercise started, Executive Director for the organisation, Gilbert Banda said the exercise will assist in controlling rabies and dog population.

“We are conducting this exercise free of charge this week with the aim of providing veterinary services to dog owners in Mzuzu, we want people to have dogs which are free from rabies and for people to have a reasonable number they can manage, this is being done in conjunction with Mzuzu ADD,” Banda said.

He added that the free exercise campaign should encourage dog owners to access services which are usually costly.

“Currently we are doing the operations in two centers at Mzuzu ADD offices and at Animal Aid. We have hope that many dog owners will be reached,” added Banda.

Pemphani Chawinga, whose dog was castrated at one of the centres, advised dog owners to be responsible by following all vaccination schedules of their dogs.

“I’m very happy that I have vaccinated and castrated my dog at no cost, I will feel more safe now, I urge other people who are yet to vaccinate their pets to take these free services to vaccinate their dogs,” said Chawinga a Mzuzu resident.

The campaign is being funded by Veterinarians Without Borders from Netherlands and the Edgar and Coupa Foundation.

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