Parliament passes bill increasing Judges’ retirement age


Malawi Parliament has passed the Courts Act Amendment which increases the retirement age of judges from the current 65 to 70.

Justice Minister Titus Mvalo argued that Judges have more experience and wisdom by the age of 65 hence should not be allowed to retire at such an age.

Legislator for Karonga South Uchizi Vunda Mkandawire supported the bill, saying it would be a waste of resources for judges to retire at 65.

However, some legislators argued that it is not right to just increase the retirement age for judges while leaving out other civil servants.

“Many civil servants such as doctors struggle to get specialized education and I feel it is unfair to exclude them,” said Zomba Malosa legislator Grace Kwelepeta.

Others argued that increasing the retirement age for judges would hurt the young people of Malawi.

The bill, number 32 of 2022 Courts Act Amendment Bill, was later passed and it will among others see the establishment of Financial Crimes Courts Division of the High Court to be handling corruption cases.

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