Gemini Major signals his triumphant return with the sounds of his new single “Mr Man”

gemini major

After a much-anticipated break from the music scene, Gemini Major, the multifaceted artist and music producer, makes a resounding comeback with his latest single, “Mr Man.”

Known for his dual roles and captivating compositions, Gemini Major’s return is marked by the release of this new track, signaling a triumphant re-entry into the spotlight.

Following persistent anticipation and postponements, Gemini Major has finally unveiled “Mr Man,” delighting fans with its official release on Friday, May 10th. The artist took to social media to share the news, urging followers to dive into the vibe of his latest creation.

“Mr.Man out now….link in bio ,please do check it out n don’t forget to pass around the vibes,” Gemini posted, accompanied by the striking cover art of his new project.

In an era where South African musicians churn out hits regularly, Gemini Major, an esteemed and award-winning figure in the industry, offers something fresh for his dedicated fan base with the alluring sounds of “Mr Man.”

Born Benn Gilbert Kamoto, Gemini Major has played a significant role in shaping the Hip-Hop culture, contributing to its evolution through his musical prowess. With chart-toppers like “Ragga Ragga,” “Juice Back,” “Mayo,” and “Bang Bang” under his belt, the artist-producer has consistently pushed boundaries, collaborating with notable names such as AKA, Nasty C, Ayra Starr, Anatii, and Manu Worldstar, among others.

Gemini Major remains steadfast in his commitment to pioneering new sounds and uplifting emerging talents while proudly representing his roots wherever his journey takes him.

Without further delay, immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Mr Man” by Gemini Major, a testament to his enduring creativity and musical journey. 


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