Man arrested for assaulting wife with wooden stick


A 32-year-old-man has been arrested in Nkhotakota on allegations that he grievously assaulted his wife after suspecting her of having an affair.

Nkhotakota police Public Relations Officer Paul Malimwe says the suspect, Ernest Nambazo, who was coming from a drinking joint at around 22:00, assaulted his wife with a wooden stick after he met her coming from outside their house to answer the call of nature.

According to Malimwe, before the assault, the husband who suspected that the victim was coming from meeting another man, forcibly probed the victim’s private parts to verify if she indeed had sexual intercourse with another man.

The woman, who was rescued by well-wishers, was taken to Alinafe mission hospital for medical attention, before reporting the matter to Benga police unit, leading to the arrest of the suspect who comes from Samuel village, under Senior Chief Mwadzama in the Lakeshore district.