University students accuse Chilima of igniting DPP infightings


As wrangles in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) continue, the party’s university youth wings have accused Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima of being the source of DPP 2019 presidential candidate disputes.

In a letter released on Wednesday, leaders of several DPP university wings say Chilima wants to become President of Malawi by pushing out President Peter Mutharika hence causing infightings in the DPP.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima accused of igniting DPP infightings.

Ironically, the stance the students have taken comes a few days after they feted with DPP leader Peter Mutharika at the Sanjika Palace. The students ferried in DPP fully paid busses reportedly affirmed their unwavering support to Mutharika whom some faction in the party say needs to call it quits.

In their letter, the students say it is clear that Chilima is behind the wrangles even though he is deliberately giving the disputes a blind eye in order to deceive Malawians that he has nothing to do with them.

According to the students, Chilima showed he wanted to replace Mutharika when he told the president that snakes should not be kept as pets.

The students say the vice president was referring to cabinet minister Atupele Muluzi whom Chilima thought would replace him as Mutharika’s deputy.

Apart from that, the vice president has also been faulted for reading the Pastoral Letter in a Roman Catholic Church calling on people to participate in anti-government demonstrations which according to them was a sign that he really wants to take the leadership in a wrong approach.

“We recall you added to the Pastoral Letter your own words that urged to demonstrate against Government “not on Facebook but on the streets”. We also recall that these demonstrations whose real political motive was regime change of the DPP Government as has always been advocated by the Public Affairs Committee and the Malawi Congress Party.

“Our assertion that you have been contemplating to take over the leadership in a wrong approach found its vindication in your action of urging the nation to demonstrate against your own Government, which further proves that you have been praying for the fall of your President under such circumstances that everyone knows that you would take over,” reads another part of the letter.

In their letter, the students say the approach Chilima is using to pursue his  political ambition shows that he is not a role model of leadership hence the students cannot endorse him to be DPP presidential candidate for 2019 polls.

Students who have signed the letter are DPP President (Chanco) Chriss Connex Muhuwa, DPP vice President (Chanco) Tifu Victor Kadzinje, DPP President (MUST) Harry Gundani, DPP President (Domasi) Chriss Katchire, DPP President (COM) Blessings Jamuteni, DPP Vice President (COM) Israj Mkwanda, DPP Vice President (POLY) Michael Fatch and Publicity Secretary (MUST) Patrick Kalombola.




  1. Some of you we believe you might end up being politicians but play your cards well. I have been through that in collage but it yielded nothing. Your greedy acts will cost your lives and even your future. Politics is a dirty game.

  2. Remember that Students never makes someone to win or to loose in votes. Come 2019 and see what happens. We are not voting for your bearer. Muziona mwakula mwatha.

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