MCP, AFORD faulted for shunning women

Lazarus Chakwera

Gender activists have faulted Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) for failing to include many women in National Executive Committees (NEC).

Recently, MCP and AFORD conducted their conventions which have irked gender rights activists for leaving behind women in decision making positions.

AFORD faulted for shunning women.

Malawi Congress Party has elected few women in its National Executive Committee which has over 25 people and a similar situation happened during AFORD convention some weeks ago.

Reacting on the matter, UN Women’s programs specialist Habiba Osman said the development shows lack of seriousness with the 50-50 campaign in the parties.

She further said this also shows that such parties do not prioritize women and there is need for a change.

“It is sad to note that some parties are still not prioritizing women in their decision making positions and this is bad.

“There is need to change our mind-set regarding this campaign ahead of the coming general elections next year,” said Osman.

Commenting on the same development, Executive Director for Women’s Legal Resources Centre (Wolrec) Maggie Kaphwereza Banda said the development is sad.

She said the most disappointing thing is that this is happening when the 50-50 campaign is heavily being promoted.


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  1. Yambisani chipani chanu muikemo azimayi okhaokha.

    Azimaiwo mumafuna achite kuwakakamiza kuti aimile???
    Nde anthu akakamizike kuwavotela kut awine ngakhake sanasangalase?????

    50-50 campaign mumatisokosa nayoyi izatheka kuvota kukazachosedwa ngat njila yosankhila munthu.
    Because we vote for what we want and Wat we believe and hope wil help us not Wat other organisations feel it’s right. Mxiew

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