Four men arrested in Lilongwe for stealing items from a moving vehicle

Police in Lilongwe arrest four men for jumping into a moving vehicle to steal Grocery items.

Police in Lilongwe have arrested four men for jumping into a moving vehicle with intention of stealing Grocery items.

According to Lilongwe police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu, the incident has happened this afternoon at the Shoprite stage in Area 4.

A woman was driving a pick-up that was full of different grocery items and these men jumped into it and started to take things which forced her to stop.

Chigalu added that the men run away and she reported this to police, who launched a manhunt.

The four suspects are Misi Patrick aged 22, Chimwemwe Tembo 20, George Stambuli 22 and Yusuf Saidi aged 23.

Police have opened a case file for them to answer.


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