Ramps constructed at health facilities in Lilongwe to ease mobility for patients


Health authorities say ramps which have been constructed at health facilities in Lilongwe will ease mobility challenges for patients and people with disabilities.

Global Health Corps has spent K2 million on the ramps at Area 18 Health Centre and Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe.

Chief Clinical Officer at Area 18 Health Centre Kedson Masiyano said the ramps will particularly assist patients with disabilities and those who cannot walk on their own due to accidents, chronic diseases or because they are very sick.

“Our services are spread across the health facility and it was difficult for patients with mobility challenges to access all services because the wheelchairs could not move around to some parts of the facility.

“We are appreciative to Global Health Corps for constructing the ramps because people with mobility challenges are now able to access services,” said Masiyano.

He added that the construction of the ramps may seem like a small issue but it is very important because people with mobilitiy challenges will stop worrying about mobility at the facility.

Senior Program and Operations Coordinator for Global Health Corps Malawi Mlezi Mtambalika said as part of their work of promoting equitable access to health services, they conducted an assessment in hospitals on how the organization through its alumni program can assist persons with disabilities.

“We came to Bwaila and Area 18 and noted that there were no pathways for people with disabilities to access services or for personnel to ably assist people with mobility challenges. That is why we started this project of constructing ramps for people with disabilities,” said Mtambalika.

She further said that there are plans to extend the project to other health facilities in Lilongwe.

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