Airtel Malawi introduces my data rate bundle

Airtel Malawi has introduced a new data bundle called ‘my data rate’.

The bundle allows Airtel customers to be charged the same price or rate as that of the data bundle they were using.

This was unveiled on Thursday at the company’s Headquarters Offices in Lilongwe.

Speaking with reporters, Airtel Malawi Marketing Director Frank Magombo said that the customer will essentially use the rate aptly dubbed for browsing on the internet for the remaining validity days of the bundle or until the customer buys another bundle.

Magombo added that this is another reduction that they have pegged on to the just recently pay as you go or PAYG rate.

“Essentially it is a discount on top of a discount specially targeted for our customers who buy data bundles, it is our cushion for our data bundle customers who experience bill shock whenever their bundles run out before the validity period ends and starts consuming their airtime,” he explained.

He went to say that from now on they are offering their customers the chance to determine the data rate per MB that they will use for internet simply based and according to the data bundle that they buy.

Magombo thanked the customers for continuously giving them feedback and pledged to improve, innovate and give them discounts.


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  1. What a badly written article! It fails to explain early on that the charges for downloading data are taken from any outstanding balance on the account once the current bundle runs out. A competent editor would have reworked the article to make that clear. And yes, M24 will not allow this comment to be published.

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