Opposition blasts budget


This  year’s budget has been described as tricky as it  is mostly focusing on consumption rather than developing the country.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Chairperson of Budget Committee Rhino Chiphiko said the budget is favouring no one and  it will only be  beneficial to people in power.

Rhino Chiphiko
Chiphiko: This budget is very bad to this country.

Chiphiko who is also Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City South West Constituency pointed out K41 billion which has been allocated for FISP program and 20 billion for maize purchase as some of the programs that will be beneficial to government officials.

“This budget is very big but it is bad and tricky to understand and it is very bad to this country which is also the poorest.

“For instance  some of the funds that have been allocated to diffrent programs will only benefit the officials and even the issue of K4 billion we were just told that it is was allocated to the ministry of local government and rural development but no approval    was made and at the end of day they will buy cars with these funds,” he explained.

Commenting on the issue, People Party’s (PP) Chief Whip  John Chikalimba suggested that the K41 billion for FISP program should be reallocated to universal subsidy program  including farm inputs instead of being used to subsidise fertilizer.

“Let me to tell you this, in case you do not know, it is only 35 percent of targeted beneficiaries who benefit from  FISP program and  most of the times the administration fees is  65% higher than the  percentage of the beneficiaries.

“The K20 billon for maize purchase is another nightmare, currently our Admarc has a lot of maize yet they have allocated this money  what for ?” he said.

Chikalimba said the K5 billon which has been allocated to the tree planting season should be reallocated to organisations responsible for that program.

He said time has come when government  should welcome advice from the opposition.

The Member of Parliament for Zomba Changalume added that the  rulling  and opposition parties  are supposed to speak the same language to  represent Malawians who appointed them to be on that position .

In his remarks,  Malawi Congress Party Member of Parliament for Dowa West Kusamba Dzonzi  asked the government to allocate more funds to the ministry of education and health to end challenges that have currently engulfed those sectors.