Fears raised over influx of Mozambicans


Authorities in Mwanza district says Malawi cannot cope with the increase in number of Mozambicans refugees arriving in the country.

Mwanza district commissioner Gift Lapozo said the increase in the number of refugees from 3000 to 11000 in a year could cause more socio-economic woes in the country.

Mozambican refugees

Mozambican refugees: Flooding to Malawi in numbers

“This is an increasing pressure on the social service as these people need food and medical care. We are working with some partners to alleviate the problems the refugees are facing as you know they leave their country with little or nothing for their upkeep” said Lapozo.

According UNHCR spokeswoman, Karin De Gruijl the displacement of these people is as a result of the on-going war between Renamo and Frelimo parties.

She added that information made available to UNHCR shows that homes of some of these refugees were burnt with other people being killed by government forces who are attacking areas where opposition party members are staying.

“We have not been able however, to confirm the accuracy of the allegations. Some parents also stated that they separated with their children during the fight,” said Gruijl.

She further added that the UNHCR organization and other organisations are working tirelessly to help the victims with food items and non-food items.

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