“Fighting the dead?” BBC faces backlash over ‘anti’ Prophet TB Joshua documentary

The just released documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) explaining how late prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly known as TB Joshua, allegedly committed sexual crimes, life of abuse, harassment, manipulation and staged miracles, has stirred controversy, with critics accusing the broadcaster of being used and being sent by the devil.

This week on Monday, 8 January, 2024, BBC released a three-part documentary in which exposes all the alleged secret and dirt acts of the Nigerian televangelist, late Prophet TB Joshua who was the founder and leader of Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) before dying in 2021.

The documentary which has been titled “Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua”, has three episodes which are cumulatively 155 minutes long with witnesses; some of them claiming to be former disciples, former employees and former church members testifying against the late prophet.

Among others, the former disciples and church workers are in the videos revealing how prophet TB Joshua allegedly manipulated and physically abused them into staying with him for many years and how they were physically tortured, including instances of child abuse and people being whipped and chained.

Apart from that, several women, claim they were sexually assaulted by Joshua, with a number claiming they were repeatedly raped for years inside the compound, while others allege that they were forced to carry abortions inside the church following the alleged rapes by Joshua, including one woman who says she had five terminations.

The documentary also delved into deeper details on how Joshua faked his miracle healings, which were broadcast to millions of people around the world and it also tackles the September 12, 2014 building collapse, where the SCOAN guest house, owned by Joshua, collapsed, killing at least 116 persons who were mostly foreigners.

However, several social media users especially from across the African continent, have expressed shock and disappointment with the testimonies, calling for a deeper probe into the allegations, as a larger population believe the documentary is just aimed at tarnishing the image of the fallen hero and the SCOAN.

“They failed to produce that documentary while he was still alive now that the man has passed to glory and he can’t defend himself that’s when they bring up such stories. Anyway they failed to fight him in his flesh because the man was operating on another level. This is a prove that TB Joshua was a true man of God because he faced so many persecutions even when he is no more they still persecuting him,” commented Gabby Music from Zambia on BBC News Africa’s Facebook post.

Malawian gospel musician, Shammah Vocalz while commenting on another post on BBC News Africa’s page about Prophet TB Joshua’s life, said; “When he was alive you never covered all his good deeds, you never interviewed all the people that benefited from him, you had to wait for the man to die and do your dirty useless documentary, the Devil is using you BBC and that’s a fact.”

An Ethiopian Facebook user by the name KanaNuma A Abeshu, while labelling the broadcaster as the “offsprings of a serpent”, said Christians should not get worried with all the insults in the documentary because Jesus Christ was the first to encounter such accusations.

“The detractors of the man of God, TB Joshua, have inherited the spirit of rejection and blasphemy from their forefathers, who denied Jesus Christ as the Son of God and called him Beelzebul. We do not expect anything else from them, for they are the offspring of the serpent, who opposes the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. But the legacy of TB Joshua lives on, for he was a faithful servant of God, who performed signs and wonders in his name, and touched the lives of millions with his love and compassion. Personally, I am the living testimony!” commented KanaNuma A Abeshu from Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the Netizens continue to flock to BBC’s post on social media platform and the larger population is in defense of late Prophet TB Joshua, while a handful population is in support of the findings of BBC investigation.