WESM-Mzuzu in a schools campaign on environmental conservation


In a commendable move to nurture environmental guardians of the future, the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM) Mzuzu branch is on an environmental education campaign in schools within the northern region.

Speaking with George Malembo M’manga, WESM’s Mzuzu Branch Manager who recently visited Lupaso and Chiputula Primary Schools last Friday, he shared his thoughts on the organization’s educational outreach. 

“WESM was established in 1947 with the mandate of environmental conservation. We initiated wildlife clubs in primary, secondary as well as tertiary institutions to champion environmental conservation so the visits are a part of our mandate as a mother body to encourage these clubs which are now being called wildlife and environmental clubs” he said.

Malembo also highlighted some of the challenges the organization is facing citing lack of funding to visit other schools and lack partnerships from other organizations.

“Our branch oversees districts like Chitipa, Karonga, Mzimba, and Rumphi, which include numerous educational institutions. However, we depend on membership payments, making it challenging to reach all schools under our care. We are in dire need of more partners and funding to prevent these clubs from dissolving,” he added.

Addressing potential collaborations, Malembo expressed a desire for unity.

 “We’ve reached out to other organizations to join forces, as many are entering schools to work on environmental issues. Yet, there’s a conflict of interest with some establishing separate clubs instead of utilizing existing ones. We urge more organizations to partner with us for a unified approach to environmental education,” said Malembo.

Malembo called on the community to support WESM’s mission by paying membership fees, supporting activities, and advocating for environmental conservation.

By Redson Kandozi


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