CCTV Footage from Agnes Katengeza Murder Scene Tampered With

Malawi Murder Victims Allan Witika and Agnes Katengeza

The CCTV footage purportedly showing individuals leaving the car of the late Agnes Katengeza at the murder scene abruptly jumps. The tampering is raising additional questions about who tampered with the footage and what the motive was for cutting more than six minutes from it.

CCTV footage tampered with

Meanwhile, Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, callously claims that the surge in murders does not pose a threat to national security.

Zikhale insisted that three brutal killings recently reported in Lilongwe do not constitute a national security concern because these three incidents of murder, occurring within a week, are in contrast to a total population of over 20 million people.

These remarks have deeply shocked Malawians, as they underscore his ministry’s unyielding and insensitive response to the horrifying wave of violence that has left most people in fear. In a concerning response to potential public reaction, Zikhale threatened to have anyone who dared to contradict the assertion that these murders pose a threat to the country arrested.

Agnes Katengeza was reported missing on Saturday and was tragically discovered murdered in Lilongwe, her lifeless body found in the trunk of her Kia Sportage.

Her death follows closely on the heels of another gruesome murder of Allan Witika, whose life was brutally taken in a similarly cold-blooded manner. He was also found inside his car.

The US Ambassodor to Malawi has attended the burial ceremoney of Agnes Witika.