Activist Gondwe claims MCP has no good history of human rights


A human rights activist based in South Africa Happy Chizaso Gondwe, has claimed that MCP has no good history of democracy and human rights observing that in its time, many Malawians were killed with others, and thrown into the Shire River as crocodile meat.

Gondwe said it is not surprising that the MCP is unleashing terror towards members of opposition parties because they are in a system left by their ancestors and cannot change saying the MCP of today is the same as yesterday.

He said it is sad that the MCP is declaring the central region a no-go zone to opposition parties and activists holding demonstrations against the government headed by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera praying that they do the same in the north and southern regions.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating on various social media platforms, Gondwe said the MCP has forgotten that it was ushered into government in June 2020 because of demonstrations and has found the same bad for being in government.

Gondwe said MCP has copied and pasted exactly what the DPP was doing in government claiming that both these parties are birds of a feather flocking together, they don’t have a good history of democracy and human rights.

He has observed that the police in Malawi are afraid to arrest MCP thugs perpetrating political violence because it is a system saying the same was being done during the DPP reign where innocent people were being hacked by panga knives, whipped and beaten in full view of the police.

“MCP cannot stop perpetrating violence against opposition members because it is a system left by the ancestors of killing innocent people,” said Chizaso Gondwe.

He has noted with grave concern that besides statements from political parties and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) condemning violence in the strongest terms possible, police have made no arrests reminding Malawians in countries where there is war, it starts like this.

Gondwe has finally urged all Malawians regardless of party affiliations to refrain from inciting violence for all to take Malawi as their home and country so that the MCP go to the north and south freely to campaign for votes with no divisions and tribalism as nobody owns Malawi.


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