Kalindo calls MCP thugs to pray for no change of Government

Bon Kalindo

Political activist, Bon Kalindo, has called on all Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members calling themselves thugs to pray for a no change of government in 2025 and if there will be change, they will all be arrested, prosecuted and sent to Maula Prison.

Kalindo said those who stole chickens and are languishing in the country’s prisons have waited for 4 years to see the campaign promise of walking to freedom but to this day, they are still in prison saying MCP thugs will replace those who stole chickens in 2025.

He has reminded the MCP that they are not angels in government and before them, other parties were hacking members of opposition parties with panga knives and were voted out of government saying what the party is demonstrating to Malawians is a sign that the party has lost popularity and is leaving government in 2025.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating on various social media platforms, Kalindo said many Malawians thought that with the coming of Dr Lazarus Chakwera as MCP leader, the party has reformed members not knowing that they were the very same people of the past.

Kalindo said it is sad that all the hackings with panga knives and beatings of opposition members are happening in full view of the police who cannot arrest the thugs reminding MCP that Malawians fought hard for democracy and will not allow this to be derailed.

He has appealed to Malawians not to make another mistake of voting the MCP to bounce back into government in 2025 saying enough is enough with the MCP describing the party and its leaders as useless who don’t want democracy to live.

The activist has apologized to all UTM members who rejected the party to form and sign an electoral Alliance with the MCP observing that he and other members opposed the views hoping that the MCP is a changed party but is the same as yesterday.

“Today, MCP is showing its true colours, slowly and slowly terror is coming in Malawi, in countries where there’s war, it starts like this,” said Kalindo.

He has reminded the MCP that without UTM they could not have made it into government assuring it that Malawians will one day hit back as they will not allow their country to be run as personal property of someone thanking Dr. Bakili Muluzi, Thom Chakufwa Chihana, Orton Chirwa and others, for bringing in democracy in Malawi.


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  1. Kalindo do you think whatever you say people listen to it. It is only your colleagues DPP members and their President at 85 who thinks at that age of senile thinking can get a vote of being President. Kalindo you need divine mercy . Anthu ena mukufunika Kupempheredwa , mapemphero ndi ofunika ndithu.

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