Kalindo describes Malawi as a country of shame

Bon Kalindo

Political activist, Bon Kalindo, has described Malawi as a country of shame accusing the government through Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu of spending millions of Kwachas sending Police Criminal Investigation officers to South Africa to hunt for Bakili Muluzi TV presenter.

Kalindo has reminded Kunkuyu that before he took over as Minister of Information, others like him were boasting about taking Malawians into their hands as useless people but today, they have joined the suffering Malawians in the society.

Bakili Muluzi -TV presenter
Hunted by Police, Bakili Muluzi -TV presenter.

He has questioned Kunkuyu and the Government about what crime has Bakili Muluzi TV committed to Malawians out of airing nothing but the truth that there is corruption in the MCP-led Tonse Alliance government saying the hunting itself is demonstrating that MCP has failed Malawians in 4 years.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo said the MCP Government has been shaken by one DPP rally held in Blantyre and that this is the time to hunt for its critics one of them being Bakili Muluzi TV presenter to shut his mouth.

Kalindo said MCP has no welfare of people at heart wondering if it is aware that hospitals are being run without essential drugs such as Panadol, and aspirin and hunger which is biting Malawians hard spending millions of Kwachas to hunt for one person who has not committed any offence at all.

He recalled that there was a time when the Government arrested a Bakili Muluzi TV presenter and questioned the law enforcers if the one they had earlier arrested was the wrong person.

“Arrest those that are against your government including me then you send your police CID officers to South Africa to hunt for Bakili Muluzi TV presenter,” said Kalindo.

He has alleged that the Government will not renew Martha Chizuma’s contract as ACB Director General so that her Deputy take over the position for it continue thieving and shielding its corrupt Ministers and senior Government officials from arrests and prosecutions.

The activist has also alerted opposition parties to wake up claiming that the MCP is registering children as voters in the 2025 elections warning them that the 2025 elections will be held ceremoniously, the MCP already rigged the elections.

Commenting on political violence being perpetrated by the MCP, Kalindo has advised Malawians that all this is being done as a vote-rigging plan alleging that on 1st September 2023, one Minister and his delegation went to Zimbabwe where they learnt tricks of rigging votes saying the Minister returned home on 9th September 2023 leaving behind his delegation in Zimbabwe.


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