Prophet prophesies of another presidential election nullification

Prophet Mtupa Malawu

As days continue drawing closer to 2025 when Malawi shall have general elections, a prophet has prophesied of another presidential election nullification.

Senior Prophet Mtupa of Holy Place Cathedral International Ministries, made the prophecy during a church service on 3rd September, 2023 where he also urged Malawians to pray for the nation against fraud which he said will mar the forthcoming 2025 presidential elections.

Speaking to his congregation, Mtupa said there is need for the faith community to never relent on prayer for the national saying the current state of affairs only need God’s intervention.

Prophet Mtupa said in the spiritual realm he has seen someone challenging the results of the presidential election on ground of so many irregularities which he said the court will agree.

“A party that will lead in the presidential polls it will be a result of corrupt political system. The court will say the elections was full of irregularities. We should pray in this nation that who so ever wins the 2025 presidential elections should win justly.

“We need to pray because power does not change hands due to fraud and corruption. This Malawi government it has a lot of corrupt issues,” said prophet Mtupa in his Sunday prophesy.

He further prophesied that anyone who will win the polls fraudulently will never get sworn in a development which he said will be followed by unrest events.

Prophet Mtupa, whose several of his national prophecies have already been fulfilled, said that the prophecy has been given not to scare people but to make them pray and fast against any evils ahead of the much awaited presidential elections.

This is coming barely days after opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) accused Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of plotting to rig 2025 presidential polls.

Addressing the press recently, the DPP claimed that administration was planning to rig the elections through registration of minors in the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) strongholds.