Zeze to headline Mr & Mrs Mzuni show

Zeze Malawian musician

Talk of town musician, Zeze Kingstone, and Zomba based Ndapanga Dala hit maker Slyc are expected to make headlines on Saturday in Mzuzu as they are to spice up Mr and Miss Mzuzu University (Mzuni) show.

Zeze has been seen confirming in a promo video which has gone viral on social media platforms that he will indeed perform at the show.

A couple of months ago, Zeze disappointed students at the institution when he failed to attend and perform during a social weekend show.

In an interview, Mzuni students representative council ‘entertainment director, Steve Omar, said the students need maximum entertainment to set their minds into the school mood as they are into second week of new semester.

“We would like to give Mzuzu people including my fellow students’ maximum entertainment which they deserve in this city. As for students, we know school mood is yet to be activated and for sure this show will do that.

“Students will also be witnessing panel of Judges selecting this year’s Mr and Miss Mzuni, there will be much fun, I am asking everybody to come and enjoy,” said Omar.

Meanwhile, tickets for the show are available on the market across Mzuzu as each ticket is going at Mk3000.