Malawi Government banking on Bushiri’s ECG


Malawi government says Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG The Jesus Nation Church is crucial to fostering national unity, Minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Timothy Mtambo said on Sunday.

Mtambo was speaking this on Sunday August 7, 2022 when he attended ECG’s church service at Golden Peacock Complex in Lilongwe where Prophet Bushiri also launched the Month of Jesus Nation.

In his speech, Mtambo underlined that his attendance at the service, is a clear statement that Malawi government values the role ECG The Jesus Nation Church is playing on matters of national unity.

The minister said the role of the church is to raise citizens of immaculate fortitude and stamina, claiming communities are built by strong individuals and strong individuals come from strong families with great values.

He further indicated that ECG’s engagement in civic education and social dynamics, brings positive change and development a development he said has made the church a government partner, his Ministry in particular.

“As government, we recognize and appreciate the role played by the civil society and its stakeholders. It is with great pleasure that we salute the work and efforts of the ECG Church, as we soldier forward and upward to build a Malawi that will touch heaven and change our world.

Bushiri presenting book to Mtambo

“My coming to worship here is a statement of assurance that my Ministry values the role ECG Church plays in this country. We appreciate you and God bless you all,” said Mtambo.

The minister then urged Malawians to be exemplary in their respective homes saying, people who build good homes, invest in their communities and in the process, they become nation builders as in Bushiri’s case.

Prophet Bushiri later presented ‘The Jesus Nation’ book to the Minister in which he has explained how Jesus Christ is raising men and women of God to control all spheres of life before His return.

Bushiri has been endorsed by several members of President Lazarus Chakwera’s cabinet such as Information Minister Gospel Kazako and Tourism Minister, Michael Usi.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is currently facing extradition to South Africa to face alleged money laundering and fraud related charges. He faces the charges together with his wife, Mary Bushiri. The couple maintains its innocence.

Bushiri escaped South Africa soon after getting bail. It was alleged that Malawi government through President Chakwera and his presidential entourage had a hand in Bushiri’s escape. Both camps denied the accusations.

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