The Rise of Afrobeat and Amapiano: How Malawian Musicians Are Riding the Wave


We have all witnessed the incoming of many genres in the music scene around the world. We can
talk of House, Kwaito, Trap, and Drill (UK type), but we can all agree that Afrobeat and
Amapiano have contributed to what is happening in our music industry in Malawi and outside
Afrobeat has found a welcoming home in Malawi. Artists draw inspiration from the legendary
Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti, who pioneered this genre by blending jazz, funk, and traditional
African rhythms.
Amapiano is a subgenre of kwaito and house music that emerged in South Africa in the mid-
2010s. In 2019, the genre experienced increased popularity across the African continent, with
noted increases in digital streams and chart successes in countries far from its South African
We can see that many artists now in Malawi are jumping on the wave of Afrobeat and Amapiano
beats in order to suit the environment.

Merchah, born Uchizi Msowoya, emphasized how Afrobeat and Amapiano have affected the pen
game of artists in Malawi. He said Amapiano and Afrobeat, outside Malawi, are lyrical.
“When we talk about Amapiano and Afrobeat outside Malawi, it is very lyrical, and it carries
substance. We have the greatest artists who are jumping on these genres, and their pen game is
He also said that artists in Malawi are talking about Afrobeat and Amapiano as a vibe thing just
to please listeners.

“I can’t say that here in Malawi, Afrobeat and Amapiano cannot carry substance, but artists are
the problem. We diluted what the Afrobeat and Amapiano are all about in order to please the 
audience.” he added.
At the end of the interview, he said the Malawi music industry is taking the right step, even
though what we are doing right now is what the others were doing back then, and he emphasized
artists using many channels for their work to be known outside.

Roy View, an Philanthropist, Fashion designer and Social Media Influencer, gives out his
concern on how these Genres are taking over our industry. He said, there is too much copying
and sampling days unilike in the past.

“Doing Amapiano and Afrobeat is not a problem but letting it be our main Genres is because this
is not the type of music that will stay for long just like Kwaito  and we will wait for another
genre to be created by another country for us to jump on it and this takes us nowhere and it I’ll be
hard to break International market.

At the end of the Interview, he said, these Genres have affected the Pen game of artists because
those genres focus on the beats only and they are for the parties and the main focus of the artist
has been on the best selection not really the “pen” and this has caused laziness in terms of
One of the trending producers, who also produced almost the whole album of Mario Bros.,
Chamba7, Ayo Landie, said the pen game of artists in Malawi has changed because of Amapiano
and Afrobeat. 
He also said artists now are very creative and artistic when it comes to writing songs, and this
can put our country on the map.


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