Are Human Rights Under Threat in the US?


Chakwera yet to condemn Malawi’s aid partner

Non-violent students and professors protesting against Israel’s war in Palestine and calling for an immediate ceasefire are reportedly being arrested in the US.

This comes shortly after the US House of Representatives approved a $26.4 billion military aid package to Israel amid ongoing conflicts in Gaza, a Palestine territory under Hamas control.

The Guardian reports that the aid includes funds for depleted supplies, missile defence systems like the Iron Dome and Iron Beam, and assistance for Israel in purchasing weapons.

Despite these events, the Malawi government has yet to condemn the US for the arrests of non-violent protesters. However, a few days ago, Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera criticised the US for systemic human rights violations and high crime rates, though neither he nor the Minister of Foreign Affairs has commented on the recent arrests.

There have been diplomatic tensions between Malawi and the US, which stemmed from the banning of former Malawian officials over corruption.

However, it would not be surprising if Malawi remains silent on the raid by armed police officers on a university campus in the US where members of staff and students are being arrested for protesting.

This is because Malawi has signed a diplomatic agreement with Israel which has led to the opening of an embassy in Israel’s capital city, Tel Aviv, and a deal to send young Malawians to work on Israeli farms. The agreement is expected to boost Malawi’s foreign exchange reserves.

Following the deal that Malawi has with Israel, Chakwera is most likely to remain silent on the raid by armed police officers on a university campus in the US to arrest non-violet professors and students demanding ceasefire in Gaza.

Those arrested in the US include members of the Jewish community calling for peace.


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