‘Support government of the day’ – Minister tells Malawi traditional leaders


Deputy Minister of Local Government, Unity, and Culture, Owen Chomanika, has called on Chiefs to partner with the government in developing the country rather than engaging in party politics.

He made the call at Matiti Primary School in Zomba on Thursday during the installation of three Chiefs namely Traditional Authority Mwambo, Traditional Authority Kumtumanji, and Sub Traditional Authority Ramusi.

He said Chiefs facilitate development activities through village and area-level structures such as Village Development Committees and Area Development Committees.

On chieftaincy issues, Chomanika also called on clans to follow the right procedures when choosing a successor in case a chief dies.

The Deputy Minister offered advice based on the case of Mwambo chieftaincy which had no office bearer for 18 years due to disputes within the clan.

He therefore commended the Chief Council in Zomba for settling Mwambo chieftaincy disputes and for facilitating smooth succession to the extent of organizing the installation of Traditional Authority Mwambo.

Chomanika added that President Lazarus Chakwera extended best regards to the newly installed Chiefs so that they should ably lead their subjects in the right manner.

“Government expects you to be instrumental in development activities in your respective areas. You should also avoid being exploited by politicians,” Chomanika added.

Member of Parliament for Zomba Nsondole, Abu Naliwa said he was happy to witness the installation of Traditional Authority Kumtumanji after the death of Kumtumanji, the 7th, many years ago.

He expressed hope that development activities in Zomba Nsondole will now take the right direction with the new Chief in office.

Taking his turn, T/A Mwambo whose name by birth is Wellington Pendame, pledged to work with the government of the day in developmental activities and further pledged to discharge his duties in the best interest of the state and his subjects.

Jones Milazi, a subject under T/A Kumtumanji, said he was equally happy that the government installed the new T/A after a long period.

He expressed hope that development activities will be done in the right direction now that the area has a new Chief.

The government recommended  Richard Kapandasalu to become T/A Kumtumanji in 2023 and also recommended Wellington Pendame to become T/A Mwambo on January 10, 2024.

The government also recommended that Faida Mdawa become Sub/T/A Ramusi on January 10, 2024.

All the three chiefs were installed on April 25, 2024.