Grouping faults Parliament for intervening in sale of filling station


Malawi Society Led Black Economic Empowerment Movement (MaBLEM) Taskforce has faulted Parliament for discussing the questionable sale of a filling station in Lilongwe, saying the National Assembly should respect decisions of the Malawi Judiciary in so far as separation of powers is concerned.

The grouping has warned that it will hold demonstrations in support of Justice Ken Manda if Parliament summons the judge for hearing.

This follows a parliamentary decision on 4th August this year where members adopted motion, allowing the Legal Affairs Committee of parliament to summon Justice Ken Manda , who president over a Commercial Case No 1 of 2022 which led to loss and the sale of Gam Fuels Kanengo Filling Station belonging to a business man Gerson Mkweza.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday in Lilongwe, MaBLEM Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba said that they believe the conduct of Parliament in the matter leaves so much to be desired.

He added that Parliament should allow the Judiciary Service Commission to handle any complaint against any judge and that Mkweza should be allowed to use the justice system to demand for his rights and that he should respect the decision of the courts.

“We further seek to raise awareness to the public on the need to trust our judicial services and respect for the decisions there. Concerns on legal matters should be handled within the courts not public, believing the courts have functional systems to settle matters such as these.

“Parliament must withdraw and reverse its motion,” he said.

He added that Malawians should desist from taking the law in their hands and ensure that any
challenge which has legal implication should be approached through the courts.

He went on to say that the public should refrain from addressing matters that are in court so as to avoid jeopardizing the process.

He further said that MaBLEM remains resolute to the cause especially where Parliament would like to undermine the Judiciary.

“Should Parliament continue to demand the summoning of Justice Manda for his duly delivered justice and undermine the Judiciary, we have no choice but to mobilize Malawians to protest against Parliament,” he said.

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