Better death than quitting beer: Man commits suicide after being told to quit beer


A 53-year-old man in Chikwawa has committed suicide after receiving continuous advice from his wife telling him to stop excessive beer drinking.

Police have identified the deceased as Nazario Chitsamba who hanged himself over the weekend in Kubalalika Village in Traditional Authority Makhwira in the district.

Benjamin confirmed the incident.

According to the deceased’s uncle MacDonald Magalasi, Chitsamba had on several occasions been ridiculed by his wife over his drinking habits.

The husband, however, continued enjoying alcohol despite the wife pleading for him to stop the excessive drinking.

“On Friday, the couple quarreled and a fight broke out which ended into the wife being kicked out of home.

“Then, without putting his shirt on, Chitsamba set off on his bicycle claiming he was going to throw himself into Shire River,” explained Chikwawa Police spokesperson, Foster Benjamin.

He went missing until Saturday when he was found hanging in a mango tree with his bicycle besides him.

Police and medical personnel from Maperera Health Centre visited the scene and discovered that Chitsamba had died of suffocation.