Fake: FAM disowns leaked Flames replicas


Designs of purported Flames replica jerseys circulating on social media have been denounced as fake by Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

On Thursday, designs of alleged Flames replica jerseys went viral on social network, forcing the FA to react saying the jerseys in circulation are fake.

FAM: Ignore this

“FAM has learnt with great surprise and concern that some unscrupulous individuals are circulating a fake design of Malawi national team uniform.

“Our position is that Malawians should treat the matter as social media gossip and fake news.

“For now we feel duty bound to clarify that the purported Malawi national team kit design making rounds on social media is nowhere close to what we are currently working on.

“We therefore advise Malawians to simply ignore it,” reads the statement which was signed by the association’s Commercial and Marketing Director Limbani Matola.

According to Matola, FAM will in due course unveil the new and authentic Malawi national team kit using formal and official communication platforms.


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  1. Even though the design of the Jersey is very good why can they just go for that if you compare with the recent one this is better
    Please FAM gio for it.

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