Six years for forcing teens to have sex


A 33 year-old man has started serving his 6 year jail term after the Nkhotakota magistrate court jailed him for sexually abusing teens.

The court found the man Jumbe Jawadu  guilty of stealing K2,840 and indecently assaulting two teenagers.

CourtOn July 23, 2017, the convict forced a 17 year old girl and a boy aged 18 to have sex, sexually abused the girl  and robbed the boy of cash amounting to K2, 840.

On the stated date, Jawadu found the two victims in his farm at 7pm.

He dragged them into the nearby bush and demanded them to pay K5, 000 as a punishment after accusing the two of having sexual intercourse within his farm.

Unfortunately, the victims did not have the said amount. The boy had K2, 840 which he handed over to Jawadu, but still more, the convict demanded additional money.

Later he demanded them to take off their clothes to complete nakedness.

The convict inserted  his finger into the girl’s private part and sexually abused her.

He  ordered the two to have sexual intercourse in his presence and he whipped the boy.

He also forced the girl to perform oral sex on the boy and touched her breasts.

After sometime, he released the boy to go home and it’s when the boy got the chance of reporting the matter to police.

Swiftly, the police rushed to the scene of crime and found Jawadu traumatising the girl.

Upon seeing the police, Jawadu tried to run away but the law enforcers arrested him.

In court, the convict pleaded not guilty to the charges leveled against him.

The state gathered the evidence beyond reasonable doubt and on November 08, 2017, the court found Jawadu guilty and sentenced him to 6 years jail term for indecent assault and 4 years for robery.

Presiding over the case, magistrate Fred Juma Chilowetsa said what Jawadu did was inhumane.

“Am much concerned for what Jumbe has done, we need to respect each other. I therefore, sentence the convict to serve 6 years jail term for indecent assault and 4 years IHL for robery. The sentence are to run concurrently,” winded up Chilowetsa.

Jumbe Jawadu, 33, hails from Vinjenje village, Traditional Authority Malengachanzi Nkhotakota district.



  1. malawi 24 we tired with the story of raping and sex, and sex happens becoz of libido, so who can cantrol libido himself? chigololo chadya one mngodya Zonse za malawi. Ana a 10 – 14yrs kuno kwathu akuchindana kwambiri ndikupatsana zimimba, malangizo a makolo sakumvanso or pang’ono, ana ena kumayamba dala akulu akulu sakuopanso ukawadzudzula akuyankha mwano, apa ndie dziwani kuti malemba akwanilitsidwa mwana wa munthu ali pafupi kubweranso.

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