UDF kick out Atupele, demand Lucius be President

Atupele Muluzi
Lucius Banda
Lucius Banda : Wanted to lead UDF.

The move to have United Democratic Front (UDF) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in an alliance continues facing strong resistance with district governors for UDF endorsing Member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda as the party’s president.

The decision that witnessed mixed reactions among UDF members with others supporting the political ties with ruling DPP continue tearing apart the once popular yellow party as disclosed by ten governors who held a presser

in Lilongwe on Thursday.

The ten, led by central region governor Dinocius Magombo, said the party should be driven by Banda’s leadership since the legislator has shown commitment to values of the party.

“We want him to be brave for the party presidency, we want him to stand for UDF,” said Magombo. “Our party should not be together with DPP because it is the same party that spoiled UDF.”

Atupele Muluzi
Atupele Muluzi: Has come under fire in UDF.

This comes after a political expert had warned the opposition UDF of its decision arguing the move will create space for shakeups within the party.

However, 11 MPs from UDF declared total support for the alliance arguing that they want to help in the development of the country.

The MPs faulted those that are opposing the decision and claimed that wider consultations for the matter were made.

But Banda is among those that have disclosed discomfort on the ties and he has been refusing to follow other UDF legislators to the government side in Parliament.

His stance on the alliance saw him being the subject of an attack from President Peter Mutharika.



  1. Leadership is not having a degree we have seen professors failing to manage and govern the country while Lucius has the form four guy has achieved more than PHD holders have achieved in Life…. don’t under estimate the wisdom of a fellow man

  2. Yes They Must Kick Him Out Cause He Know Nothing And He Is Stil Young,to Add On That He Is Fool

  3. Koma a Malawi inu how can a F4 boy like L. Banda lead a powerful political party like UDF ? should we say that in Malawi education level means nothing ? why all the 4 universities if we are to go back to seek leadership skills of a F4 certificate holder ????

  4. Mukunamizanatu inu..mwayesa magitala eti ..u think mukamanamizana ku ma dance kwanuko muli mungatenge udf ..ng’oo mwauponda..pangisani nsonkhano muziyese mphamvu .ingoyambisani chanu apa mwauponda

  5. thank God finally this guy has been kicked out. he longer have interest of the UDF party at heart.

  6. Amangwetu zipani zinazi zidzatha ngati makatani, amai ndi abambo munawona makatani akuikira zigamba???? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thumb up Lucius Banda.. Atupele is absent minded, he forgets that it’s the same DPP that miserably dumped his father. He is a disgrace to many UDF real members.

  8. That is what we want , DPP comes from UDF so llero akamati alliance ife xitikufuna!

  9. Luscious Banda is a great man and he has to be respected. Not zinazi mchifukwa chake many politician ankanena kuti sanankhwime pamchombo.Selling a big party like that one,very shameful.

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