UDF- DPP merger faces stern rejection


Opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi is being warned against letting the party to be ‘swallowed’ by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ahead of the 2019 elections.

Iqbar Omar

Omar: We want UDF to be active again.

This comes hot in the heels of reports the UDF intends to fully submit itself to the DPP.

In 2015 DPP and UDF made a coalition following the appointment of Muluzi as Minister of Natural Resources and Mining.

UDF Members of Parliament also moved to the government side although MP for Balaka North Lucius Banda declined to move.

Meanwhile, UDF first vice-president Iqbar Omar has said he has joined the fight against the feared merger.

He says he will back Banda in making sure the party is part of the DPP.

According to Omar, who was fired from the party for ‘his tendency not to respect the party’s decisions and ideas’, UDF will not give in to the merger.

Recently, UDF MPs from the Central Region conducted a meeting where they asked Muluzi to make it clear what the future holds for their party as it is still clinging to the ruling party.

Earlier this year political analyst Humphreys Mvula told Malawi24 that all mergers the country has had before have benefitted the party in government and the major challenge is that Malawi does not have legislation governing pre and post-election mergers.

Atupele Muluzi, Peter Mutharika

Atupele Muluzi (R) with President Peter Mutharika. Has he been eaten up by the DPP?

Another commentator Wonderful Mkhutche  faulted the coalition arguing that UDF could have concentrated on building a strong stand ahead of 2019 elections.

“UDF should forget about 2019. Three years working with the government; it is part of its failures. They cannot criticise a government they have been part of. On the other hand, if they are looking at 2019 to be part of the DPP government, should it win back its mandate, they have made wrong political calculations. DPP does not need UDF,” said Mkhutche.

The political scientist said that with time the UDF will start losing its popularity something which could have not have happened if they had chosen to be on their own and had strategized how best they can one day go back into power.



  1. Musiyeni mwana akhale konko anthu mumadana ndi m’gwirizano bwanji? Khala nawo ndi abale ako coz Bingu anaima pachisankho analuza koma atagwirizana ndi abambo ake zinayenda, lolani peter abweze ulemu kwa mwana.

  2. Anthu anga akutayika chifukwa chosadziwa..Is this muluzi guy a politician or a political tourist whom he only have a vist in a politics and any time walk back home(his person profesional),!

  3. atupele is not gifted politically and he is short sighted. what UDF needs now is to read its orbituary then let it rest in peace.

  4. if the mgwilizano colition betwin udf and dpp gvnt will lid up to twenty 19,which means the udf will be finished tiyeni tizingoyang’ana.

  5. Whatever rejections on the merger some may argue about, but that is a nonstarter. DPP and UDF is on a done deal. Its already done. Too late to serve Jerusalem. You remember what APM said recently? The cloth bearing blue and yellow is already on the table. DPP and UDF marriage could not jump the gun for fearing people like Iqbar Omar from hijacking it. From what I know as a political analyst, UDF will not field a candidate in 2019 elections. Instead they will rally behind DPP to woo the votes from Yao belt. And Bakili himself is this time going to play Bill Clinton’s role as was the case with Obama. APM will chose a running mate from deep down Chewa belt. Greselder may not impress in this regard. Chimunthu Banda is a Tonga in this regard can have little impact though he is reputable. Chilima at the moment might just be reared for a couple of time so that if left as running mate cannot cause havoc. Someone really will pair APM other than Atupele. All from the south, this won’t work this time as was the case with Bingu and JB. So UDF and DPP are in final preps whether one likes it or not. If Iqbar Omar and Lucius Banda are opposing the arrangement, it means the eventuality shall be forming their own party or joining another party which will make possibly Lucius at the helm just to coax the youths which constitute about 75% of the population. But we are yet to see what it means by DPP and UDF merger. Malawians will be irked.

  6. kodi UDF nayoso iri muguru ra opposition? sichipani choramura chimenecho mesa atupere anachipangisa pinyoro kuti bambo ake asamangidwe ? boma rikazasintha ose azamagwidwa coz chimenecho ndi chiphuphu anapereka chipani kuti bambo ake asamangidwe kkkkk

  7. Paja UDF amaimira chiyani? What I remember is only what Atupele’s Father predicted about his founded party. RIP malemu UDF. Kkkkk!

  8. Just concentrate in major . Dot be cheated that udf will add another mp apart from from what you have. But subtraction.

  9. Let me warn you those opposing atupele,that atupele is the son of the founder of udf and has majority of pple than you have,,greedy,hatred,personal problems with mutharikas wil not take u anyweya,UDF alone cannot and wil never win elections in malawi the same goes to mcp.dpp is udf and udf is dpp what is the problem?the muluzi are matured enough in politics than you are,,u are just a celebrity and nothing more.