Lucius Banda is misguided – says Mutharika

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda is in Mutharika’s bad books.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) will continue being in a coalition regardless of opposition from Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda.

Banda refused to move to government benches in Parliament after UDF and DPP agreed to form the alliance.

But speaking during the launch of community colleges in the eastern region district of Mangochi, the president described the legislator as misguided.

“The Democratic Progressive Party and the United Democratic Front will continue having a coalition but there is only one Member of Parliament who does not want to be with us, he is misguided,” said Mutharika.

On the colleges, Mutharika said by 2019 every constituency in the country will have a number of community colleges like the one in Mangochi.

“By 2019 every district will have a number of community colleges and all the other projects will be finalised during my second term in office,” he said.

He said government established the community colleges to empower youths and he claimed that the community colleges are also attracting investors which will help in the development of the country.

No Lucius Banda music on MBC

Mutharika then urged Malawians to support the initiative as the community colleges are beneficial to every Malawian regardless of political affiliation.

He promised Malawians that his government will construct a road from Mangochi to Mwanza in order to reduce distance covered when people travel to Mozambique.

The president also stated his vision of turning the country into an exporting country but he did not elaborate on how it will be done.

Speaking at the same function, minister of labour and manpower development Henry Mussa said government has put in place new initiatives to empower youths in various communities.