‘I gave the DPP money,’ says man who dubiously was awarded a tender by the DPP government


In what might pass as a confession to corrupt activities, a businessman whose company won a dubious tender has announced that he gave money to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In an interview with Times reporter, the businessman Simbi Phiri boasted that he has offered help to the DPP and opposition MCP.

Phiri who is based in South Africa and is alleged to be Malawi’s richest stands suspected of buying favors from government. His recent purchase of favour saw him win a multi-billion Kwacha tender on a project aimed at diverting water from Lake Malawi into the Central region.

Simbi Phiri
Simbi Phiri admits assisting political parties in Malawi.

Critics to the project have said that procedures were flouted in the awarding of the contract and even the environmental assessment which was not done.

It has further been said that Phiri might have bribed the ruling party to be awarded the tender.

However in trying to clean his name, Phiri invited some Malawian journalists to his South African base where he boasted of having assisted the ruling party before they awarded him the tender.

An Anti-Corruption expert who did not wish to be named indicated that Phiri’s remarks are an indication that the tender might have been awarded under corrupt circumstances.

“We cannot rule out the possibility that the tender was awarded to him because he has ever funded the DPP,” said the expert.

The expert added that if the remarks by Phiri were true then there was a need for the Anti-Corruption Bureau to move in and investigate the issue.

“In the meantime, I think the civil society and all Malawians of goodwill can petition the courts to halt the process while the issue is being investigated,” he advised.