No Lucius Banda music on MBC

Lucius Banda
lucius banda
Banda took his disappointment to Facebook.

Lucius Banda can be celebrated as one of the legends of local music but Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has other thoughts.

The veteran musician long fell out of glory with the state broadcaster for criticizing government in some of his songs. The aftermath has not been desirable for the artist as he faces a ban on MBC.

Banda, a Balaka North Parliamentarian, has had his music banned for months now.

This has effected people who love his music to engage extra efforts if they want to enjoy the tunes.

Lucius Banda
Lucius Banda’s music has been banned on the state broadcaster.

However, Lucius has been mostly affected. Yesterday he bemoaned MBC’s action, labelling it unofficial.

Soldier expressed his sentiments on Facebook yesterday.

“The pain of being an active Malawi citizen …….Someone just decides to unofficially ban my music on MBC (for some months now) kaya ndikachingati tsopano? Why don’t you ban me from paying tax as well…..koma ineyo? Ndidzakasimba kwa mlengi wanga ….morning…,” reads the post.

The legend sometimes uses music to express his political views. For this, he has been branded the hero status by Malawians since his criticism is arguably constructive.

The broadcaster which runs on taxpayers’ money, has lost popularity for suppressing the voice in music, the voice which addresses issues.

A good number of musicians have had their songs banned on MBC having been misinterpreted as attacking the government. Fredokiss faced the ban about 4 years ago, for his song titled Changes. In 2015, Kalawe’s Dzuka Malawi was also banned.

On a positive note, the influx of private owned television and radio stations quickly mitigates effects of MBC ban. Lucius Banda and other government enemies as branded by MBC continue to enjoy airplay on other stations.



  1. Olo mutero Soldier ndi oyimba basi olo musamasewere nyimbo zake ife tili ndi ma radio athu, we love you Soldier.

  2. MBC tikudziwakuti mwapsyantima takondwa kuti zatelo ndipo ipsyani ntima zenzeni chifukwa soldier siwoimba wawamba kapena kuti walero ayi enanunso mmamvela nyimbo zake komano why? Inu mundiuza kuti mukaletsa kusewelanyimbo za soldier Mavuto atha mdziko lamalawi? Chifukwa choti wadzudzula basi walakwa mmmm me l love LUCIUS

  3. Don’t worry Soldier we’re following you ma website and ma Social networks ambiri mbiri awa MBC yopusa zachikale zimenezo. Wamkulu ndi wa mkulu anthu awa lakula ndi dyera

  4. Mngakhale atelo iye ni oyimba basi komabe adziwe kuti mbc ni ya wina aliyese si ya munthu mmodzi

  5. MBC the dpp mouth piece should stop being called a public broadcaster since what it does is not in the interest of Malawians. MBC does not learn a lesson. Their budget was once not approved by parliament during Bingu’s first term because of this type of behaviour. It’s high time they were once again denied budget allocation from parliament. They should be funded by dpp because thats their master.

  6. Thats Not Fair This Is Maltiparty And Mbc Stands Own Its Own

  7. MBC mwanganiza bwanji po banner Sir Lucious Banda music

  8. You don’t have to worry Soldier will continue listening to you music from the other radios stations and tv stations. Boma lofoila ili

    1. why always point the Government? instead of supporting for improvement?

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