Malawians angered over fine for gays caught having sex


Malawians have described as lenient the K100,000 fine handed out to two gay men who were caught having sex in a car.

On Wednesday the Lilongwe magistrate court ordered two gays, Kelvin Gonani and Dave Luke, to pay K50,000 each for the offence.

However, the fine has been heavily criticised by Malawians who commented on the story on this publication’s Facebook page.

Kelvin Gonani condemned by gay activists

Gonani was also beaten by people last year for being gay.

“Why charging so small money? These people they deserve to be arrested and die in jail, they have money they were supposed to pay a fine of K1000000 each. K50,000 is nothing they can’t learn any lesson, they need harsh punishment, they don’t fear God, the Bible says whoever disobeys the will of God must die,” said Hurrifly Zanj O.

“Another gay couple?? Nde just K50 grand? They are to be punished severely in fact send them to a military cell. Because alipiramo sasiya azipangabe..ooosh!! This is disgusting I can’t imagine such a person as my relative!” said another commenter Caigon Weniweni Anakwenda.

Others were worried that the lenient punishment means that government is recognizing homosexuality in the country.

“I think the government still wants gay marriages here. These people are already rich and a K50,000 charge is not even big to them. Mind you, these people were caught in a car doing sex, meaning that they are well to do in pockets. Do you think they can regard that sum as a punishment? Hahahaaa…! Shame, I just think gays will still be doing it, as long as they have K100, 000. Kwenikweni who are we afraid of? NGOs? Or GOD?” Tikos Marishu Ishmael said.

Another commenter Arnold Bin Kamen said: “Shaa! K50,000 isn’t enough.. Oh! Sorry. I forgot that sodomy is legal in Malawi.”

While Wadson Sailesi wondered why they were not charged for the homosexual act: “They were fined just because having sex in public place which means they can have sex but not public?”



  1. Am disgusted! This magistrate shud b gay himself. Howw can he givv such an awful, stinking judgement??? Shaaah

  2. komano si bho kuwalipilitsa sikuthesa nchitidwe opusau ayi ndibwino kumango watchaja zaka olo kungowauza moyo wao onse basis….

  3. Sindili mbali yawo, ndpo singachte zakumidimaz koma Kuwamanga or kulipilitsa oterewa mkulakwa zedii,,, sakumudzwa MULUNGU anthuwa, pakungofunika amipingo muchtepo kanthuuu,,,, amudzwe YESU, komaso izi mzochtka mmasku omaliza, ndzomwez zomwe zikutiuza kt YESU MFUMUailipafup kudza, Lapan mkukhala odkra

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