Mzuzu University Changes Graduation Plans


Mzuzu University of Malawi has announced a cancellation of its 26th graduation ceremony, originally scheduled for May 17, 2024, bowing to a petition from prospective graduates in education and nursing.

Initially, the university intended to conduct the 26th graduation in two sessions, the first on May 17 and the second on December 13, 2024. However, disruptions in the academic calendar have necessitated a change in these plans, and new dates for the ceremonies will be determined.

The university explained that the alteration was due to the differing completion times of students’ practical experiences, which made the original schedule unfeasible.

“Due to the disruption of the academic calendar and the varying completion times of practical experiences, we cannot proceed as initially planned,” the university stated.

The university Senate is set to convene on May 15, 2024, to decide on a new date for the first session of the 26th graduation.

Students, particularly those graduating in December, had urged the university to reconsider its plan of holding two separate ceremonies for the same cohort, labeling the original schedule as unrealistic.

According to a student interviewed by Malawi24, the university’s decision to rethink the dates is praiseworthy, and there is a hope among students that both sessions might be combined into a single event.


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