AIDS and TB to be eliminated in Malawi 


The twin scourges of HIV/AIDS and TB will soon become history. An action that will save thousands of lives. 

Authorities at the DREAM Program are optimistic about Malawi’s progress toward the complete eradication of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB), thanks to the collaborative efforts with the Italian Cooperation Agency (AICS). 

Under the auspices of the Community of Sant’Egidio, the two-year Bridge the Gap HIV/AIDS and TB Project is making significant strides in this ambitious health initiative. 

The project aims to provide comprehensive support to over 11,000 individuals battling HIV and TB, while simultaneously reducing the incidence of malaria, hepatitis, waterborne illnesses, and other neglected tropical diseases. 

Bruce Tambwali, the DREAM Program Manager, shared encouraging data during a recent event where the program donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) valued at four million kwacha to the Balaka District Health Office.

He highlighted that both HIV/AIDS and TB transmission rates have dipped below 10 per cent—a testament to the effectiveness of the combined efforts of various organizations and government interventions. 

“The latest figures reveal a declining trend in new HIV and TB cases both locally in the district and nationally. This positive outcome stems from the diligent work of numerous stakeholders in addressing these health crises,” Tambwali remarked. 

The donation included critical supplies such as gloves, syringes, aprons, nurse’s bouffants, shoe covers, safety boxes, swabs, and heavy-duty gloves. 

These items are earmarked for distribution across various healthcare facilities within the district to bolster their capabilities in managing and preventing HIV/AIDS and TB. 

Dr Aisha Katita, a medical officer at Balaka District Hospital, welcomed the donation, noting the timely support it provided given the shortage of adequate PPE in the area. 

She expressed gratitude towards the DREAM Program’s continued assistance, recalling a prior donation last year of advanced ICT equipment and additional PPE worth K15 million, which benefited over ten health facilities in the district. 

Through such initiatives, the DREAM Program continues to play a pivotal role in Malawi’s fight against these life-threatening diseases, aiming for their eventual elimination.


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