Murder suspect Lester Maganga denied bail

Lester Maganga who is accused of killing Allan Wittika has applied for bail at the High Court in Lilongwe.

The High Court in Lilongwe has denied bail to Lester Maganga who is being suspected to have killed Allan Wittika.

Maganga who until his arrest was the Personal Assistant to minister of information Moses Kunkuyu, was arrested last month on suspicion that he had a hand in the mysterious death of a Coca Cola Malawi employee Wittika in September in Lilongwe.

Late last month, Maganga through his lawyer Innocent Kubwalo submitted bail application saying the suspect has the right to it regardless of what crime he is being suspected to have committed.

However, High Court Judge Mzondi Mvula has today Thursday denied Maganga bail after the state argued that the suspect is politically influential and can interfere with some people who are expected to be witnesses in the case.

The development means Maganga will continue to be at Maula prison where he has been remanded up until after 90 days when the court says he could then be eligible for bail after applications.

The court has since advised the state to conclude its investigations of the matter by 23rd January, 2024 as the resumption of the hearing of the case is slated for 26th January, 2024.


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