Namadingo unveils song worthy of Grammy recognition

Patience Namadingo is a Malawian musician with millions of social media followers

Despite being robbed the honorary doctorate, Malawi’s music maestro, Mr. Patience Namadingo, might just have released the masterpiece that could clinch him the coveted Grammy nomination.

Namadingo, who is now the talk of the town after the University of South Africa (UNISA) has formally denied awarding him, socialite Pemphero Mphande and businessman Mansoor Sharrif Karim honorary doctorate degrees, has released a captivating piece tittled ‘Mmmh Mmm Mmmh’.

‘Mmmh Mmm Mmmh’ whose universal theme is love, is a testament of Mr. Namadingo’s closeness to beautiful composition that tugs at the heartstrings which aligns well with his exceptional vocal talent and his unique blend of soulful and catchy melodies.

In this new hit which has been accompanied by a video which is a true definition of creativity, the ‘Maury’ hit maker in his unique storytelling style, encourages people to always be patient when things are going tough in life.

The multi award winning artist, in the ‘gospel-like’ masterpiece says God is fully aware of everyone’s situation and that at His recommended time He will silence one’s enemies with plenty of success testimonies.

“God knows, knows you are trying your level best/Ambiri nde mwayesetsa magobo, kugobola/ Mwati vuto m’pachitseko m’pokhoma pali fazi yokhomelera/ When you turn to your right to your left, ukungowona okhomelera/­Zuyendera chibale kapena katangale/Koma ngati kumwamba Yehova watilembera yes, munthu mndani pano mpadziko anganene no?

“Ena amaika tchingira koma ngati ku mwamba ateleka yako, iwe uyiphura, be patient, dikira/Ngati Mulungu samamudziwa, adzamudziwira pa iwe/Ngati Lesa samamudziwa adzamudziwira che apa/Sanamuwone Father God in action, adzamuonera pa iwe/Tchile lonyowa amayatsa moto, akafuse Mose/Panyanja amatha kulambura nsewu, akafuse Mose,” says Namadingo in the song.

The must-wacth ‘Mmmh Mmm Mmmh’ which has become an instant favourite among music lovers, seem to be evident enough for Namadingo to be called an international artist who has the ability to connect with the audience on a profound level.

Meanwhile, people are rating high the song with others saying the song which has already recorded over 83 thousand views within 14 hours of existence on YouTube, could help the UNISA honorary doctorate degree scam victim be nominated for the Grammy award.

Namadingo has in the past years been talking about his desire to bring home an international award including Grammy whose nominations for the 2023 awards will be announced on Friday, 10th November, 2023.


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