Two men in custody for killing 9-year-old girl

Murder suspects in Dowa accused of killing nine-year-old Eddah Katengeza

Police at Mponela in Dowa have arrested two men for allegedly killing a 9-year-old girl in Dowa on 12 October this year.  

Mponela police spokesperson MacPatson Msadala has identified the suspects as Hollace Fred Machungula aged 27 and Albert Banda aged 29.

He added that the two are expected to answer the charge of murder. The nine-year-old girl was killed on 12 October while coming from Chizoloondo market at night.

Her father told police that that on October 12, 2023 at about 19:00 hours, he was at Chizoloondo trading centre selling cassava.

At that time, the girl accompanied by her little brother visited the father who sent the girl to deliver cassava to her uncle who does business at the same trading centre.

Eddah then left the place with her little brother going home. Few minutes later, the father followed them but didn’t find his daughter home.

The following morning on October 13, 2023, the father and other relatives resumed the search until the afternoon around 13:00 hours, when the lifeless body of Eddah Katengeza was found lying naked in a garden at a distance of about a kilometer north of Chizoloondo trading centre.