Beerland Festival gets sponsorship ahead of ‘Piano Fest’

Beerland FCB partnership

Beerland Festival has ventured into a two-year partnership with First Capital Bank a development which has boosted preparations for ‘Piano Fest’ where South African singer and producer DJ Tyler ICU is expected to perform next month.

At an event in Blantyre on Friday 15th September, 2023, FCB presented a two million kwacha sponsorship package for the first year of the partnership with the modern social fun market-place, Beerland Festival.

According to Chitsanzo Gaddie who is the bank’s Head of Products Digital Solutions, the choice for the partnership is because Beerland Festival brings together youth entrepreneurs.

He said the institution believes that Beerland Festival gives them an opportunity to accomplish their commitment of empowering ambitious youth in the country and promoting a saving culture amongst them.

He said they also seek to on boarding youth running small businesses, who sell food and drinks at the event so that they can be able to have a 360 of those who are spending from their accounts and those who are also collecting fans from the event.

“Beerland is a platform that targets the youth of Malawi, so with our ambition to empower the youth of Malawi who are aspiring to grow after their studies and those who are aspiring to start their own businesses, we thought this is a perfect platform so that we can on board those particular youngsters in universities and colleges so that they can be able to open up their accounts to develop the saving culture.

“So we are contributing a sum of two million kwacha in the first year going forward. This partnership is for two years and we are starting with the first event which is slated for 7 October. 2023,” said Gaddie.

Lucy Msowoya who is Beerland Festival Chief Executive Officer, thanked FCB management for the decision to venture into the partnership.

Msowoya said the partnership will help them to be having successful events starting with the forthcoming ‘Piano Fest’ while at the same time realizing their dreams of giving young entrepreneurs a platform to meet new customers.

“The support that FCB has brought to us is going to help us to have the event go further and reach out to a lot of people. We have an event called Piano Fest where we have called an international artist Tyra ICU who is an amapiano artist, we also have local artists.

“We have different activities plus the account openings. The unique thing about this one is because it’s our very first ever event to have an international artist,” said Msowoya.

The Piano Fest will take place at Green Valley Gardens in Blantyre on October 7, 2023 and the South African amapiano giant DJ Tyler ICU is the headliner and is expected to share the stage with several local artists

Beerland Festival which was established in 2019 is a social event that takes place at various venues in both Blantyre and Lilongwe and it aims at providing an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents in fashion, food, beverages, music and dance, a modern manner of socializing.


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