Beer kills man in Zomba


A 50-year-old man identified as Enock Misiasi has died after taking beer on an empty stomach at Lundu 2 Village, in Zomba District.

Assistant Public Relations Officer for Zomba Police Station Sonia Chipao has confirmed to Malawi24.

Chipao has told Malawi24 that Misiasi was a well known drunkard and a nomadic person and on 9 September 2023, he was seen coming from a local beer drinking joint.

She further said that he was discovered dead on September 13, 2023, by a passerby person who was going to the field who informed other members of the community.

The matter was then reported to Mayaka Police Unit who rushed to the scene and took the body of Misiasi to Mayaka Health Center for postmorten examination.

The medical report issued at the facility revealed that death was caused due to low levels of glucose caused by drinking beer on an empty stomach.

Police is advising the general public to drink responsibly to avoid similar tragedies.

Enock Misiasi hailed from Lundu 2 Village, Traditional Authority Mbiza in Zomba District.


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