Malope reminds Malawians of Grace Chinga

Rebecca Malope Malawi

Not only the height but also the face; Malawians were on Saturday night reminded of late Grace Chinga by Rebecca Malope’s energetic and captivating performance in Lilongwe.

The South African songbird was performing at BICC Auditorium in the capital city at a live gospel music party dubbed ‘The Blessings Gospel Concert’ which was organised by Jacobs Events led by multi award winning gospel singer Wendy Harawa.

It all started with local performances of Kondwani Chirwa and The Great Angels Choir before the gospel songstress, Harawa took over with a mesmerizing performance and later handed over the mics to Uganda’ s Colifixe.

They both left the stage for Zambia’s Abel Chungu whose unique praise and worship songs brought down the presence of the Holy Spirit in the fully packed auditorium and at the end, the crowd prayed after the ‘Extra Time’ hitmaker, confessing that Jesus is the Lord and Saviour.

When fans thought the fire will fade away, the MCs were heard inviting on stage Malope, widely known as ‘The Queen of Gospel’ who energized the lively mood.

Her unparalleled vessel of divine inspiration, soulful compositions and captivating performance, uplifted hearts and nourished spirits not only to those in physical attendance, but even to fans who were watching the auspicious concert online.

Despite some of the fans not understanding the language of songs of the 55-year-old but fresh artist, the room was electrified and her energetic dancing styles and euphonious voice, did not only bring people closer to God but it was also an apparition of the fallen Malawi’s gospel music legendary, late Chinga.

“Your everything is reminding us of our legend musician. We miss you Grace Chinga and continue resting in peace. Anthu ankamunena ali moyo but she was the best kwathu kuno koma hatred,” commented a Facebook user who was watching the concert online.

“May you continue resting in peace Grace Chinga, we miss your talent here, Malope umatha mpaka tamukumbuka our beloved sister, Grace Chinga,” added another.

Last year in September, Wendy Harawa also brought Travis Greene from the united states of America at her ‘Wandiyitana’ album which was held at BICC.