Immigration deports Nigerian after he tried to get national ID


Authorities at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Service in Lilongwe have deported a Nigerian national who was arrested for trying to acquire a Malawi national identity card.

According to Inspector Pasqually Zulu who is the department’s spokesperson for the central region, the Nigerian national has been identified as Kelly Kayode Adedokuni, aged 44.

Inspector Zulu said the deportee was arrested by Police officials earlier this month when he was trying to acquire a Malawi national identity card through the National Registration Bureau (NRB) office in the capital city.

The publicist further reported that
Kayode Adedokuni was charged with offence of false declaration for obtaining a Malawi national ID and then attempting to acquire a Malawi passport.

Being a foreign national, a deportation order was made on the 15th August, 2022 by the country’s Homeland Security Minister Jean Sendeza who gave the deportee three-days) ultimatum to leave Malawi.

Following the matter, Kayode Adedokuni was deported by Immigration officials this week through the Kamuzu International Airport a development which is in-line with Section 4 Subsection (1) of the Immigration act.

Meanwhile, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has appealed to all foreign nationals residing in Malawi to respect the rule of law saying failure to comply, they risks deportation.

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