Woman found dead in Bangwe, few days after hosting a visitor


A 32-year-old woman identified as Rose Machokolo was found dead at a home in Bangwe on Wednesday morning, April 24, the Limbe Police has reported.

It is reported that Machokolo was last seen on April 20, 2024, and that her body was found in a decomposed state with a rope around her neck by her landlord who was forced to break into the house after catching a whiff of a bad smell coming from it.

Post-mortem results have shown Machokolo’s death was due to suffocation, secondary to strangulation.

Limbe Police have now launched a manhunt for a male murder suspect who is said to have visited Machokolo, from Lilongwe a few days before her death was confirmed, the Public Relations Officer at the police station, Sub Inspector Mulimbika stated.

Details of the male murder suspect remain unknown as the Limbe Police says that an investigation has been launched.

Rose Machokolo, who was a seller of a locally distilled beer called Kachasu at Limbe Market, hailed from Mondiwa Village in Bangwe Township, Blantyre. 


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