Sparc, Caring Hands launch mental app


Malawi Government has hailed Sparc Systems Limited (Africa) and Caring Hands, a non-governmental organization, for launching a Mental Lab application which will be used to fight mental illness in Malawi.

The mobile application was launched at a colourful event in Lilongwe on Thursday night presided over by the Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati while songbird Keturah entertained the audience.

Caring Hands, a non-profit organisation that promotes mental health awareness, is behind the innovation while Sparc Systems, an information and communications technology firm, developed the application from scratch.


The application offers those facing mental challenges with therapy video content as well as a platform where they can access experts in mental issues.

“This application will supplement the efforts of the ministry in promoting good mental health as it gives those in problems a chance to receive support even before physically meeting the therapists,” she said.

Sparc Systems General Manager Alena Chiwaya said her firm was excited to have finally launched the application which she believes will help thousands in coping with mental illnesses.

“Mental issues affect people in many ways. So, this app was developed to overcome the challenges that will be faced by people.  This was the best way to intervene as early as possible,” she said.

Caring Hands founder Christine said the idea to develop the app was hatched during the peak period of Covid-19 as the world was locked up and the economies crashed leaving millions facing an uncertain future.

She, however, said even though the pandemic has slowed down and life is returning to normalcy, the application was still relevant as people still fight a range of mental illnesses emanating from broken relationships, poverty and high unemployment levels.