Wikise seeks NGOs’ support on ‘I can’t kill myself’ campaign


Malawi’s Afrobeat musician Che Wikise, has called on Non-Governmental Organizations to support his mental health awareness campaign, ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’.

Wikise who was born Frank Chawinga, earlier this year launched ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ awareness campaign which he says is aimed at reducing mental health related deaths through his comic music.

However, in an interview with this publication, Wikise who is also commonly known as Abusa, cried foul over unavailability of organizations interested to join the campaign which has been in existence for almost two months now.

The ‘Chikam’phulikile’ star said it is very worrisome that NGOs are silent on his campaign and yet they are the same who criticizes too much when one does contrary to matters that falls under their jurisdiction.

Wikise who said is not doing the campaign to enrich himself, further explained that he would be so grateful if several local and international organizatiions joined his campaign so as to reduce mental health related deaths especially amongst the youths.

“I thought of launching this ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ campaign after seeing the raising number of mental health related deaths in the country and am so hopeful that this may help in reducing the number of suicide deaths.

“However, as I am talking, there has not been any single organization that has shown interest in this campaign. The campaign needs their support so that we reduce these mental health related deaths together. Let them approach us and mark the way forward,” pleaded Wikise.

The award winning star who got his name known after the release of his funny video Shabarakati, says he is planning to have ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ tour across Malawi hence calling for support from organizations.

Meanwhile, Wikise who is from Lilongwe, has released video for the ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ anthem and he is currently running ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ social media challenge which has seen a significant approach especially on tiktok.