Dedza border officers intercept vehicle carrying Somalis


Authorities at Dedza Border Post have intercepted a vehicle which was transporting Somali nationals from Malawi to Mozambique.

The Somalis were packed at the back of the truck and covered with a tarpaulin. The Vehicle is believed to have passed through several checkpoints before being stopped at Dedza border.

Somalis in in the truck

According to an eyewitness, immigration officials at the border were tipped that the driver was carrying illegal immigrants. When Immigration officers ordered the driver to stop, the driver drove past the border and stopped on the Mozambican side.

The Malawian officers went to the Mozambican side and took the vehicle back to the Malawians side. However, Mozambican officers intervened saying the vehicle was stopped while it had already entered into Mozambique.

The Mozambican officers arrested the driver and the Somali nationals. Meanwhile, reports indicate that the driver escaped while in the hands of the Mozambican border officers.

Malawi Police and Department of Immigration are yet to comment on the issue.