Residents want DC transferred for calling Rumphi a ‘miserable district’

People in Rumphi district have demanded the Ministry of Local Government to transfer Rumphi District Commissioner Fred Movete to another district after he described Rumphi as a “miserable district.”

Movete allegedly said Rumphi is a miserable district and he would be happy to be posted away from the district.

He wrote the words in message to Rumphi West Member of Parliament, Yona Mkandawire, in response to Mkandawire’s concerns on how the council procured the constituency’s developmental materials.

One Rumphi resident who sought anonymity said people in the district are not happy with the DC’s words.

“Since he is calling Rumphi a miserable district that is why we are asking government to transfer him to elsewhere because how can he work in a miserable district,” he said.

Another resident, Menson Chavula told Malawi24 that the community is planning a peaceful demonstration to force Government to transfer Movete.

“Before things become out of hand, Government should help us otherwise we are we are not happy even our chiefs are not happy with his behavior. Let him leave Rumphi alone, we were expecting him to help our district with development projects but he has failed,” said Chavula.

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