Rumphi West MP, DC fight over CDF

..MP says millions have been stolen

…DC calls MP a disgrace

Member of Parliament (MP) for Rumphi West Yona Adada Wiza Mkandawire and Rumphi District Commissioner (DC) have clashed over claims that Rumphi District Council has been misusing Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The DC, Fred Movete, has since described Mkandawire as a disgrace and has stated that he would be happy to be posted away from Rumphi District.

Mkandawire has been writing letters to the Principal Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Local Government to complain of Movete’s conduct.


In a letter dated 21 September, 2021 addressed to Kalemba, Mkandawire complained that the council has been drawing funds for projects and paying suppliers of materials but these materials are not being delivered to communities.

Mkandawire’s letter

He further claimed that the council received K3 million for boreholes and K12 million CDF but goods are yet to be procured.

Mkandawire asked the PS to direct the DC to procure the materials or release the funds to Water Users Association to implement the projects.

In an audio circulating on social media, Mkandawire claimed that 100 bags of cement went missing in 2019 and the DC has only released the bags this year after being pushed. He added that 109 iron sheets procured by the council for a project in Nkhozo in the constituency are still missing.

Mkandawire also accused the council of procuring six window frames and two door frames at questionable price of K4.1 million.

He added that the council allocated K1.9 million for the election of village development committees and area development committees (ADCs) but the elections are yet to be conducted.

“So, when I ask the council, they are accusing me of disrespecting the council. Do they want me to let them steal public funds and procure items at inflated prices?” asked Mkandawire.

Movete’s response to Mkandawire has also been leaked on social media.

In his response, Movete told Mkandawire that the PS will never help the MP in managing operations and his relationships with council management since the job of the PS is to give policy guidance and monitor standards.

Movete then attacked Mkandawire calling him a disgrace and suggesting that he is not fit to be a Parliamentarian.

“I respect the office you hold but l doesn’t respect you as a person coz you are a disgrace to that public office and l don’t understand why people elected you in the first place.

“I was appointed in my position coz of my professional qualifications and experience and to serve in throughout Malawi and not specifically for Rumphi. If l am posted away from your miserable district l will be a very happy person,” wrote Movete.

He also advised Mkandawire to learn how to work with ADCs, Councilors and Tas, saying he is playing a very a slippery political game

Movete then challenged Mkandawire to forward the message to your masters and whoever can help you.

However, Mkandawire has said the DC is only attacking him because he is telling the truth.

He challenged the DC to respond to his complaints and provide evidence.

“Whether people in my constituency voted for wise person or a fool, that is not an issue. What people want to know is whether wat is in the records is consistent with wat is on the round,” said Mkandawire.


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  1. I support dada wiza because ndalama zikumapelekedwa kuti zipange chitukuko while kuma office kwa dc akulephela kuzipanga release.

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