90-year-old man rapes two granddaughters


Police in Dedza have arrested a 90-year-old man for allegedly raping his two granddaughters aged 10 and 11.

According to Dedza police deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda, the suspect identified as Lester Dunken is alleged to have raped the minors on several occasions in the district.

It is alleged that on September 18, 2021, the mother of  of the children left home, leaving her 10-year-old daughter playing around with her friends.

When she came back, she did not see the child and this made the woman to start searching for the child.

At the time, the child was being sexually abused by her grandfather in his house.

When the victim heard that her mother was calling outside her grandfather’s house, she pushed the man away in order to respond to her.

The victim’s mother was surprised to see her daughter coming out of the house with her underwear in her hand. Upon asking her, the young girl then told her mother that her grandfather raped her.

The child also revealed that the old man had been raping her since last year and usually gave her K100 so that she should not to reveal the sexual abuse to anyone.

The mother of the girl then reported the incident to Lobi Police Unit where she was issued with medical report and later the suspect was arrested.

In an interview, the grandfather admitted to have raped the child and her elder sister.

Police made an enquiry on the elder sister of the victim who was also issued with medical report.

The suspect is expected to appear before court soon to answer the charge of defilement contrary to section 138 of penal code. The offence attracts maximum sentence of life imprisonment if found guilty.